At the most basic level, I cook to provide nourishment.  But that’s only the very beginning.  I also cook to express my love, and my desire to care for others.  I cook as an outlet for creative instincts, to fashion out of a set of ingredients something new that is much more than the sum of its parts.  I cook to explore different cultures, to better understand the way others experience the world. I cook for solace and a sense of familiar comfort, instinctively turning to the kitchen in difficult times.  And, of course, I cook because it gives a satisfying sense of accomplishment; I cook because it must get done.

Gastro-Love.  That's what I will call it.  I serve Gastro-Love. 

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A true holistic approach to life incorporates things that nourish you other than food, including things like honest and open relationships, a spiritual practice you feel connected to, a career that inspires you, and physical activity that makes you want to move and feed your soul and your hunger for living. I call these things Primary Food and as a Holistic Health Counselor I work with you to help find balance in all of these areas.

The goals of your personalized health counseling program are to radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. We will work together on finding the right foods for your body and on balancing Primary Food,the other areas of your life that feed you on the deepest levels.


This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results.