Chef. Holistic Health Counselor.Yoga Instructor. 


     Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the experience of wearing an elegant dress, and can even appreciate fine silver, but you must know that I am drawn to simplicity. I like to be barefoot, and I feel completely comfortable eating with my hands. I like to first experience things in their raw state: to get up close, to feel, to connect. Under the guise of this guiding principle, I identify myself as a maker of things, a chef of nourishment, and lover of old school methods.

     Who else am I? I am quite aquatic being that I grew up in Miami Beach and am the spawn of a badass fisher woman – my mother- God bless her! Originally from the east coast, I have moved west, and I have made Topanga Canyon California my home. Very much like Topanga, I am made up of a bit of grit, a bit of hippy, and a bit of tenacity. Yet, I am of Cuban blood and was probably Italian in a past life, so, to be honest, tenacity, hippy, and grit might be in my DNA! I carry a pocket knife everywhere I go, I have more house plants than you can imagine, and my spirit food is avocado.

     I love to make people feel good. I love to feed people in soul and in belly. Ultimately, I am striving to contribute something positive to the world and to be truly great. Oh yeah, and I have earned my professional credentials, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, over 500 hours of advanced yoga teacher training, and my chef training from the Natural Gourmet Institute.